Friends & Family Survey

6 August 2013



Spring 2013 saw all NHS Trust hospitals obliged by contract to provide a survey for patients to give feedback on their experience whilst in the department.

Patients are being asked for feedback on their experience via the Friends and Family Survey which is being rolled out by the Department of Health across all sectors of the NHS. A simple question should provide a standard basis of response.

"Would you recommend this clinic or department to a friend or relative, based on your treatment?"

Jayex Enlighten self-service solutions are deployed in numerous locations through healthcare to make it easy for patients to check-in, update their details, find their way around larger buildings, and promote health awareness messages along with completing check-in, anonymous and check-out surveys.

Enlighten E4 can be deployed on desktop, e-portals, interactive touch solutions and tablets to offer the fastest, clearest solution for staff and patients alike. Enlighten E4 with its 30 language choices, visual awareness and uncluttered screens can be used by almost anyone, removing barriers to service at every level, adding value to your customer service, providing choice and lowering costs.

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