E4 accredited by Experian

11 March 2015

Experian-Accreditation Enlighten E4 achieves accreditation with Experian QAS.

 Many GP or hospital self-service check in kiosks are implemented to improve the flow of patients passing through but don't check key contact information or preferences, therefore personal data becomes outdated over time. This in turn leads to outdated information being used to send important and often confidential information to patients.

Communicating with patients effectively is key to driving cost and efficiency savings in the NHS. For example, sending appointment reminders to patients is an important step towards reducing the £600m annual cost associated with missed appointments.* However, without the correct patient details and their preferred channel, this exercise is futile. Jayex have revolutionised the value of self-service check in by integrating data quality and personal preference checks. Jayex have integrated QAS Pro into their self service kiosk system, Enlighten, which means patient addresses can now be quickly validated and updated as part of the self-service check in procedure. In doing so, they equip trusts and health boards with the information they need to make savings through timely and effective communications.

The self-service kiosks are more confidential and consistent than traditional methods of updating patientQAS-Postcode  details. The modernised process with seamlessly integrated data capture tools avoids the risk of human error and lets busy staff focus on other tasks.

Jayex found the perfect partner in Experian QAS. Vik Parekh, Head of Secondary Care, explains that this decision immediately solved a problem that had existed for a number of years. "We had worked within the hospital environment before, but we always found the standard approach of deploying simple queue busting or  even superficial checks was actually creating huge data quality problems for the future.

In effect, NHS Trusts were regressing and devaluing their current processes by partial automation and incomplete check-in workflows. With Experian QAS, we are working with an advanced solution that enhances this process significantly."  www.QAS.co.uk


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