Creative Solutions for Healthcare with the IBM Anyplace Kiosk

skene-medicalSelf check-in at the surgery

Jayex utilises the kiosk as part of its system for patient self check-in at doctors’ surgeries and for queue management solutions in hospitals and council market sectors. The kiosk check-in unit links into the Jayex self check-in and call software, providing a complete tracking solution for the practice or department. According to Jayex sales director, Bob Marsh: "Jayex selected IBM's APK for its competitive price, reliability and excellent support. We evaluated market requirements in line with disability guidelines and identified core requirements for access to ensure as many users as possible would be able to utilise it; the highest requirements were to provide access for people with mobility solutions and for those with little or no IT or keyboard skills. The APK met both criteria."

The photo shows an implementaion at Skene Medical Centre in Aberdeenshire. The benefits of the Jayex system are being explained to visiting HRH Princess Anne.


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