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Creating professional, easy to use patient or staff surveys with high quality output is straightforward with our easy to use browser based application – Enlighten Surveys – which can be part of our ITK accredited self service platform, in conjunction with the check-in process or totally independent of any 3rd party process or data.

The Enlighten survey module, with optimised graphics and theming for visual acuity, allows local or centrally designed and managed surveys to be published on a range of platforms, including; Touch screens, PC’s, Web devices, Print, Mobiles and Tablets.

As Jayex continue to deliver thought leadership in self service, our survey module has intuitive filtering by gender, age and user behaviour, with levels of access for pre-arrivals (via a web portal) to being part of a self check-in process, post contact outcomes questionnaires with coded access and fully anonymous surveys.

Enlighten allows multi-layered questioning, with single or multiple choice answer types, images or text, free form or prescribed answers and delivers on the expectations set by the General Medical Council and NHS England for QOF, CQUIN, QIPP to enable more standard responses.

As you would expect from such a product, backed by a passionate team of developers and business professionals who understand survey methodology, Enlighten has built in analytics, allowing you to quickly identify concerns raised or trends developing, enabling a proactive response to customer, staff or patient surveys in real time.

Additionally surveys created in English can be translated to the 30+ supported languages of the Enlighten application for better inclusion for your community and Jayex supports a range of professional services to assist in creating reports or sharing surveys.

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