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By using the Enlighten Auto Arrivals touch screen interface, queues at reception are dramatically reduced, saving administration costs and valuable time.  There is an increasing trend towards patient self check-in, many prefer this method, keen to avoid queues at reception and not discuss their personal issues in public.  After secure authentication with intelligent filters, patients may be able to review contact & demographic information to ensure data is verified as accurate, or update if necessary.

Enlighten Touch is more than just a date of birth check-in, with various configurable management features designed  to release admin staff  for more important activities; helping to standardise processes, capture data and trends, provide information rich reports and let clinical staff spend more time with patients.

The additional survey module will add even more value, with multiple survey types for check-in, anonymous and post consultation experience surveys.

Jayex Enlighten Touch is feature rich to meet the growing service delivery requirements with key support for: Site specific branding, Health promotion images and messages, multiple languages, visual awareness screens and a choice of themes.

There is a quick date of birth check-in by calendar or keypad or advanced check-in with barcode or unique reference, ideal to book in non appointment visitors.  In addition the Enlighten Touch screen allows for checking of rights to NHS treatment, opt-in consent for experience follow up and detailed audit and reporting.

Having Enlighten auto arrivals self service kiosk assists with equality and diversity by removing language, visibility or speech barriers, where possible, with clear and easy to read screens.

Jayex use the most technically advanced touch screen hardware and kiosks to meet the demands of modern healthcare environments. Jayex is an IBM “partner world” accredited supplier, with a range of 15” or 17” touch screens. Screens are toughened glass and retail hardened, responsive to the lightest touch and do not lose sensitivity or require re-calibration.

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