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A truly dynamic patient call solution combined with multi-media digital signage.

In between patient calls you can display health videos, surgery information and other content in zones or on the complete screen as defined by you. The content can then be interrupted by the patient call in a particular screen zone or the whole screen.

Using the Navaho Jayex M4, an extraordinarily powerful Linux digital media player we can deliver a versatile solution. Our solutions consist of commercial grade LCD monitors, installed in the waiting areas, informing patients whilst they wait, educating and entertaining.

The digital signage M4 player includes a truly dynamic and integrated patient call forward solution, direct from your existing GP patient appointment supplier's software, or from the Jayex ITK accredited Enlighten E4 call application

Totally under your control, or with shared service input if required, staff can update content or messages quickly, accessing the player software with a standard internet browser, and can have access to all or only part of any screen for total security.

When the patient call message is received from the clinician, the display can be in full or split screen, with an audible alert or dynamic speech to notify patients to go to their appointment. For busy clinics calls can be set to appear in multiple windows to avoid delays.

Excellent communication is recognised as essential for any patient-centric service, our solution has access to a vast library of health posters and videos and can also link to the NHS video library to ensure the latest video titles are available to access on demand.

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