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Jayex Patient Call Displays allow calling patients forward directly from appointments systems or via our Enlighten web application. Single or multiple calls can be displayed on Flat Screen Digital monitors, in conjunction with multimedia messages, or on the more traditional LED Matrix Displays.

Important health or service information can be displayed when the screens are not being utilised to call patients.

Jayex were the first company in the UK to develop and integrate patient calling for the NHS. We have over 6000 deployments in all sectors delivering accurate and secure messages in a timely manner.

Whether the call process is by name or number you can guarantee 100% accuracy with Jayex Patient Call systems. The information will be displayed as it appears in your appointments software or issued at time of the
patient arrival to your service. Some of the most popular solutions also have high quality speech engines, synchronizing the visual call to an audio message and can accept calls from multiple  practices sharing the same waiting areas to save even more costs. The choices available depend on your appointments system, interface options and operational requirements. Jayex are the market leaders in this solution so will be able to provide the right solution for you every time.

There is no need to be concerned about patients not hearing their name & missing their turn. High visibility messages are the most professional and established method to alert patients. Helping to meets disability and equality initiatives whilst saving time and money.

How often is time lost with reception teams dealing with such simple questions as "was it me being called?" or "Where do I need to go?" Patients may have heard their name being called but not where they should go to.
A visual call solution overcomes this. With correct software, locations can be changed easily should the
clinician change room.

How much time is spent on collecting the patient or waiting for them to arrive in the consulting room?
A visual call will free up staff to deal with those who need more assistance, and give the clinician more time to get through the list. With the increasing diversity in the UK population, there is no need to struggle with how to pronounce a name. Patients are called with the click of a mouse.


"The patient call system has many benefits. I am not sure which of these is highest on my agenda but both partners and patients love it and this, for me, is important.

Quite a lot of GP's don't like tannoy systems but phoning reception and asking them to call for the patient is a waste of two peoples time and not always effective. A GP walking to the door and shouting, which I see in many practices, is not only a waste of expensive time but not very good for the image either. On our old system the receptionists would always have one eye on the call system to see which GP had buzzed, who was the next patient for that GP and then shout for that patient. It seems a crazy system now but we thought it was quite reasonable at that time. Reception is now an easier and less stressful place to be. The staff have time for the
patients at the desk and the telephone calls."

Practice Manager - London

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