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The Beacon Centre (Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, Somerset ) is generally very busy with considerable patient activity in all areas especially at the reception area (footfall is approximately 100 - 175 appointments per day). It is common for patients to arrive an hour before their appointment time. The reception desk is normally manned by 2 x receptionists.

The reception staff adapted to the system very quickly and were confident in directing patients to kiosks when patients approached the reception desk. The reception staff confirmed that they were very happy with the new system as the extra time saved by patients checking-in at the Kiosk rather than reception will allow them to focus on other administrative tasks.

Workflow Changes

An Enlighten Check-in survey was created so that key information could be obtained from each patient;

1. Do you need to have a blood test today? Yes / No

2. Do you have a PICC or a Central Line fitted? Yes / No

3. Do you have a Portha-Cath fitted? Yes / No

4. Are you in need of mobility assistance today? Yes / No

Staff Feedback on Go-Live day

Shirley Bennett

"It's been a great day, to look at what's working and what's not, we have had mixed feedback from patients saying that it's was a quick and easy system, others are saying that all information is displayed for public to see, so we will address this. The self-service solution can only have benefits for all and nothing else".

Elaine Macey – Head Receptionist

"All has gone well today, we had some expected hiccups which we are addressing, it will take a little while to get system up and running properly, but getting patients to update demographics will be great".

Natalie Piper - Receptionist

"Enlighten is very easy to use and seems like a clearer and straight forward system, Cerner is more complicated. I like the idea of Self-Service, but definitely needs more Kiosks. The only thing that's not happening right now is timely arrivals in Cerner/Mosaiq, so once this happens it will mean that it will free up our time, to book follow appointments and process the Outcomes Forms. I'm also looking forward to moving the Case Notes behind Reception as we have more space and will be easier to communicate to the nursing staff, through Enlighten as they currently walk out to fetch the Notes".

Harriett Boyd - Receptionist

"I like the Enlighten system, it has potential to streamline services and allowing us proper time to check-out patients, as this can take a while. It will reduce queues for patients so Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy patients won't have to stand there too long. "It's a great system to have".

Liz Lawson & Carla Mata – HCA's

"Much easier than providing patients with a buzzer which does not work half the time as batteries run out easily. Fetching patients can be time consuming so that fact we can call patients from the waiting area to come here is great. This system will free up our time so we can complete other tasks. Patients will feel more confident that their name is being called as when the HCA goes out in waiting area, some patients cannot hear them. I think it's a great solution and cannot wait for all of us to work as a Team".

Patient Feedback

"It's an easy system to use, I'll use it when I return tomorrow"

"It's the same as I have at my Doctor's surgery".

"Well hopefully now I have put my mobile number in then they can call me quickly in an emergency"

"How clever... did not think a kiosk like this would know all this information about me, well at least I won't have to queue again"

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