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The Customer

Queen Victoria Hospitals (QVH) NHS Foundation Trust is a leading specialist centre for reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation, helping people who have been damaged or disfigured through accidents or disease. QVH has a proud heritage and is known throughout the world for pioneering new and innovative techniques and treatments. Patients rate the Trust as one of the top hospitals in the country for quality of care, and it has been rated 'excellent' for  financial management for the past five years.

The Challenge

The Trust recently went through a significant phase of development which included combining three of its outpatient departments into one new building. The layout of the new facilities required changing the way patients flowed through the clinics and this had to be achieved without significantly increasing resources.

Patient Self-Service was identified as a key initiative to help with the Trust’s strategic goals:

1. Deliver the highest standards of patient care and safety

2. Streamline care pathways for the benefit of patients

3. Improve Patient Experience

4. Drive efficiency and operational savings through innovation


The Solution:

• Enlighten self-service platform

• Jayex IBM kiosks

• Jayex web media

• Jayex services



• Shorter check in times and staff capacity released to better assist patients

• Improvement of clinic flows, efficiency reducing clinic waiting times and facilitating smart deployment of Clinical and Admin staff

• Improved accuracy of demographic data

• Improved Patient information, before appt, during waiting time and after attendance


The Solution:

Enlighten is the next generationend to end multi-channel (Kiosk, Web and Mobile) patient engagement platform. The platform comprises of a number of modules such as the pre-registration portal, check-in, calling, patient processing, checkout, wayfinding etc

The first phase of the deployment consisted of kiosk based patient check-in, flow management, media manager and patient calling modules.

• Patients can now Self check in and follow instructions to waiting areas – watch information films and specific clinic information – see and hear when they have been called for their appointment.

• Staff say that being able to view clinics remotely, via Enlighten, has greatly reduced the number of calls to reception to pass messages and chase patient locations for transport collections.

• Clinic flow can be closely monitored and it is so simple to see the location of patient in a busy clinic.

• Patients have easily taken to the new way of working and the ease of adoption has exceeded Trust expectations. There has been a significant improvement in patient experience as a direct result of this initiative. Plans are now afoot to expand the use of this relevant technology to enable the Trust to interact with patients when and where they choose.

Trust are already looking ahead to the next phase of the deployment which would consist of enhanced functionality and additional modules such as Departmental survey - enhanced demographic questions -Pre registering and completion of New patient medical information form –- virtual appointments cards etc


The Solution Benefits:

Patient Empowerment: Improved connection with patients- feeling involved, informed and important before during and after the outpatient clinic.

Operational Savings: Release of Reception staff time to better support patients.

Clinic Management: Improved communication within busy departments and across a large site.


Reporting: Valuable audit and reporting tool

“This system has allowed us to completely redesign the patient flow through our clinics” says Jane Morris, Directorate Manager at QVH. “Enlighten has provided more than just a check in system. It allows patients to be called from a central waiting area to our sub waits making more effective use of all staff’s time within the department. Patients are able to see messages via the media screen and we are able to use this to relay important information including delays to clinics. This system further enhances our patients overall experience which is very important to us. ” QVH is now working with Jayex to using the system to support further redesign within the department


“With Jayex, the introduction of the system has been extremely smooth. Their team have been very supportive through each stage of the project rollout making its introduction to the Trust very easy. They have incorporated our suggestions and developed their system to meet our needs. ”- Jane Morris, QVH


Why Jayex

Jayex are leading the transformation of the healthcare landscape, helping the NHS rethink and re-engineer the way they interact with patients. Today, Jayex is the number one provider of healthcare self-service solutions, with 6500 NHS customers.

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