Bridgewater Community Hospital


Bridgwater Community Hospital is a new build site located on the outskirts of the town which replaces the old hospital which had become outdated. The Hospital opened to the public on the 28th April. The site was built with self-service as the adopted method of patient check-in.

The hospital is a generally busy with considerable patient activity in all areas especially at the reception area (Footfall is approximately 250 appointments per day – Outpatient and Therapies). It is common for patients to arrive an hour before their appointment time. There is also a Minor Injuries department (Walk-in patients). The reception desk is normally manned by 2 x receptionists.

Enlighten E4 has been interfaced with RIO and Cerner appointments.

The reception staff adapted to the system very quickly and were confident in directing patients to kiosks when patients approached the reception desk. The reception staff confirmed that they were very happy with the new system as the extra time saved by patients checking-in at the Kiosk rather than reception allows them to focus on other administrative tasks (Dealing with walk-in patients (Minor Injuries), general enquiries etc.).

Staff Feedback

Stephen Butterfield – Informatics Project Lead

"The day has gone well, no queues which is great and an improved patient flow!"

Joanne Marshall – Clerical Officer

"Patients seem to be happy with the system and are getting used to it"

Anna Pearce – Clerical Officer

"Its early days and a really simple to use system, however using the system will be easier as time goes on. It is clear that Patients are more than happy to use kiosks to check-in"

Kim Morgan – Clerical Officer

"The launch of kiosks and Enlighten has gone well and I think it's an excellent system! It's also so User friendly. We all have adopted a new system very well considering it's only been 2 days! This will make our time more efficient"

Patient Feedback

"The system is very easy to use and I can't believe the system is so clever!"

"Having self-service in a modern hospital is fitting...... Modern technology is important and quicker"

"Fantastic, 10/10, Painless to use!"

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