Bedford Hospital NHS Trust



Customer Requirements:

Health promotion and information screens to display NHS content, urgent messages, display hospital announcements, inform visitors of car park information, available facilities etc.

10 x 32” and 40” LCD screens

10 x Digital Signage Media Players to be controlled centrally from any networked PC.

Types of Content: Video, PowerPoint, Images, Scrolling/Static Text, Flash, Time & Date, RSS, Newsfeeds etc

Essential Requirements:

* For local users to update their own personal messages on their LCD screen and have a main header e.g. Bloods Clinic. Local users to see a simple interface without access to other areas/content of the screen.

* Main branding and content to be controlled centrally by admin user.

* Scheduling facility – turn screens off/on at set times of day. Change layouts automatically. Display time valid content within zones.

*  Branding design with company colours and logos.


Jayex proposal included a variety of 32” and 40” Samsung LCD screens, with HDMi output for best resolution and picture quality.

10 Media Players.

The Publisher and Subscriber relationship:

Publisher - This media player acts as the main unit which publishes all the content, layout, design and schedule to all screens. The unit has an admin user who will upload content to zones within a layout, edit the playlist for each zone etc. Once a layout is complete with content the admin user will publish the layouts and schedule to a number of Subscriber units.

Subscriber – This media player polls content, layouts, design and schedules from the Publisher. The polling interval can be set from every few minutes, once a day or a particular day in the week. Therefore, if new information has been uploaded onto the Publisher box and published to the subscribers this will automatically be polled by the subscriber at its set poll time and display this new information on its screen. This solution allows for centrally controlled content going to all screens, or setting individual layouts for each screen with areas within the screen for local users to change messages, newsfeeds etc.

Web-Media units sit on the hospital WAN/LAN, with a static IP address allocated to each media player, these IP addresses were designated to the solution by the hospital IT Department.

Case Study: Bedford Hospital Account Manager: Naima Iqbal December 2008

Key Stages:

1. Tender won

2. Bedford Hospital Estates and IT team carried out power and data work for each LCD location.

3. Solution was installed 2 days out of hours (weekend)

4. Commissioning and Training carried out by Jayex Trainer

Additional Information

As part of the solution, Jayex provide first hand software support, further training on software for new users, software updates, and regular checks on equipment and also a 3 years maintenance cover onthe LCD screens.

To ensure that our equipment was suitable for the hospital network and locations, a site survey was carried out, where the installer, IT managers, project officer and Account Manager were present.

The project was managed using Prince Methodology, to meet standards of the hospital, meet deadlines and budget.

Bedford NHS Trust has had positive and excellent feedback from visitors, patients, staff and members of the board. Further locations are now being identified where further screens will be required.


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