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St James's Hospital Dublin


St. James’s Hospital is the largest acute general hospital in the Republic of Ireland and is an academic teaching hospital for Trinity College. With 1,020 beds, a staff of 3,500 and almost 350,000 patients treated each year as Inpatients, Outpatients, Day-care and in the Emergency department, St James’s is one the busiest acute hospitals in the country. St. James’s has also been selected as the location for the new National Children’s Hospital.

In addition to Patient Self Service Check-in, the new system was required to reduce patient queues and improve patient experience. St. James’s also required the new system to allow patients to update their contact details, review demographic information and confirm their next of kin. Patients can also participate in structured surveys designed and managed by hospital staff.

The solution : Enlighten - the next generation end to end multi-channel (Kiosk, Web and Mobile) patient engagement platform. The platform comprises of a number of modules such as the pre-registration portal, check-in kiosks, patient calling, patient flow processing, checkout, way finding & surveys.  The first phase of the deployment consisted of kiosk based patient check-in, flow management, media manager and patient calling modules. Patients can now self-check-in and follow instructions to waiting areas - watch healthcare promotional media and specific clinic information – see and hear when they have been called for their appointment

The results:
 Shorter check-in times and staff capacity released to better assist patients
 Improvement of clinic flows & efficiency, reducing clinic waiting times and facilitating smart deployment of Clinical and Administration staff
 Improved accuracy of demographic data
 Improved Patient information before appointment, during waiting time and after attendance

The project was implemented with Jayex partner Grapevine Solutions.

Download full case study.

Visit St. James's Hospital website

Dunsville Medical Centre


Jayex installed a digital signage system with patient calling at Dunsville Medical Centre in Doncaster. dr chhitij mohan dunsville mc

Dr. Chhitij Mohan commented to Jayex Senior Account Manager Ian Welford

“Your system has completely transformed my waiting area. Almost every patient I have spoken to is happy with the system. The audible patient calling along with flashing name is much better than the older version. It allows new digital feeds to be displayed on one side of the screen. Patients also find health related information very useful and often ask questions related to the information displayed. Above all patients can also view the normal TV channel.

It was most certainly the right decision for us and we would like the same facility for my other practices. Above all you were most flexible in terms of cost and gave me the best price with flexible payment option. Thank you.”

Visit Dunsville Medical Centre site

The Beacon Centre


The Beacon Centre (Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, Somerset ) is generally very busy with considerable patient activity in all areas especially at the reception area (footfall is approximately 100 - 175 appointments per day). It is common for patients to arrive an hour before their appointment time. The reception desk is normally manned by 2 x receptionists.

The reception staff adapted to the system very quickly and were confident in directing patients to kiosks when patients approached the reception desk. The reception staff confirmed that they were very happy with the new system as the extra time saved by patients checking-in at the Kiosk rather than reception will allow them to focus on other administrative tasks.

Workflow Changes

An Enlighten Check-in survey was created so that key information could be obtained from each patient;

1. Do you need to have a blood test today? Yes / No

2. Do you have a PICC or a Central Line fitted? Yes / No

3. Do you have a Portha-Cath fitted? Yes / No

4. Are you in need of mobility assistance today? Yes / No

Staff Feedback on Go-Live day

Shirley Bennett

"It's been a great day, to look at what's working and what's not, we have had mixed feedback from patients saying that it's was a quick and easy system, others are saying that all information is displayed for public to see, so we will address this. The self-service solution can only have benefits for all and nothing else".

Elaine Macey – Head Receptionist

"All has gone well today, we had some expected hiccups which we are addressing, it will take a little while to get system up and running properly, but getting patients to update demographics will be great".

Natalie Piper - Receptionist

"Enlighten is very easy to use and seems like a clearer and straight forward system, Cerner is more complicated. I like the idea of Self-Service, but definitely needs more Kiosks. The only thing that's not happening right now is timely arrivals in Cerner/Mosaiq, so once this happens it will mean that it will free up our time, to book follow appointments and process the Outcomes Forms. I'm also looking forward to moving the Case Notes behind Reception as we have more space and will be easier to communicate to the nursing staff, through Enlighten as they currently walk out to fetch the Notes".

Harriett Boyd - Receptionist

"I like the Enlighten system, it has potential to streamline services and allowing us proper time to check-out patients, as this can take a while. It will reduce queues for patients so Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy patients won't have to stand there too long. "It's a great system to have".

Liz Lawson & Carla Mata – HCA's

"Much easier than providing patients with a buzzer which does not work half the time as batteries run out easily. Fetching patients can be time consuming so that fact we can call patients from the waiting area to come here is great. This system will free up our time so we can complete other tasks. Patients will feel more confident that their name is being called as when the HCA goes out in waiting area, some patients cannot hear them. I think it's a great solution and cannot wait for all of us to work as a Team".

Patient Feedback

"It's an easy system to use, I'll use it when I return tomorrow"

"It's the same as I have at my Doctor's surgery".

"Well hopefully now I have put my mobile number in then they can call me quickly in an emergency"

"How clever... did not think a kiosk like this would know all this information about me, well at least I won't have to queue again"

See The Beacon Centre Case Study video

Visit Musgrove Park Hospital website


Bridgewater Community Hospital


Bridgwater Community Hospital is a new build site located on the outskirts of the town which replaces the old hospital which had become outdated. The Hospital opened to the public on the 28th April. The site was built with self-service as the adopted method of patient check-in.

The hospital is a generally busy with considerable patient activity in all areas especially at the reception area (Footfall is approximately 250 appointments per day – Outpatient and Therapies). It is common for patients to arrive an hour before their appointment time. There is also a Minor Injuries department (Walk-in patients). The reception desk is normally manned by 2 x receptionists.

Enlighten E4 has been interfaced with RIO and Cerner appointments.

The reception staff adapted to the system very quickly and were confident in directing patients to kiosks when patients approached the reception desk. The reception staff confirmed that they were very happy with the new system as the extra time saved by patients checking-in at the Kiosk rather than reception allows them to focus on other administrative tasks (Dealing with walk-in patients (Minor Injuries), general enquiries etc.).

Staff Feedback

Stephen Butterfield – Informatics Project Lead

"The day has gone well, no queues which is great and an improved patient flow!"

Joanne Marshall – Clerical Officer

"Patients seem to be happy with the system and are getting used to it"

Anna Pearce – Clerical Officer

"Its early days and a really simple to use system, however using the system will be easier as time goes on. It is clear that Patients are more than happy to use kiosks to check-in"

Kim Morgan – Clerical Officer

"The launch of kiosks and Enlighten has gone well and I think it's an excellent system! It's also so User friendly. We all have adopted a new system very well considering it's only been 2 days! This will make our time more efficient"

Patient Feedback

"The system is very easy to use and I can't believe the system is so clever!"

"Having self-service in a modern hospital is fitting...... Modern technology is important and quicker"

"Fantastic, 10/10, Painless to use!"

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust



The project undertaken by Jayex was to deploy patient check-in and calling solutions into Imperial Hospital Healthcare Trust. Imperial have Outpatient activity figures of over 1.5 million patients per year who attend multi-disciplinary clinics across 6 sites.

The Trust had specific drivers which included improving data quality to specifically reduce postal costs as well as streamlining Outpatients' services.

Jayex commenced this significant project by deploying patient check in kiosks and patient calling screens in the MOPD at Charing Cross Hospital. The solution offers a wide range of configurability from which the Trust chose to deploy patient check in with a selection of both mandatory and non-mandatory demographic updates.  Patients had the opportunity to review and update their demographic information at the kiosk which would then intuitively direct the patient to the correct waiting area.

Jayex project teams worked with the Trust to configure all workflows to the system making it easy for both clinical and reception staff to view and manage patient flow. Clinical staff are currently using the system to manage the flow of patients through to calling them for consultation via  patient calling screens.

Within a 2 month time frame, the Trust has witnessed an unprecedented adoption rate (in excess of 70% for both check-in and calling consistently and up to 95% quite frequently) which has far exceeded the critical success factors set by the Trust. This is in part a result of Jayex having sufficient resource to be site based during go-live periods to help consolidate learning from training sessions and to steer users towards autonomy with the system.




Plans are now in place to embark on the next phase of the project, which will see patient flow solution extended to the Oncology/Clinic 8 department to demonstrate how the solution can robustly support multi-clinic check in.

The project was completed within 8 weeks and involved setting up a steering group, project plans, monitoring calls and escalation processes which helped all staff work towards an agreed go live date.

The main challenges of the project were to deliver to a very tight timeline in engagement with key stakeholders from the Trust whilst maintaining a robust project methodology. The Jayex project delivery and Trust teams worked collaboratively to achieve and exceed expectations.


Prior to full roll out we demonstrated Proof of Concept Success

Background to the project: Self-service check in involves the use of electronic kiosks to offer patients a fast track check in service as an alternative to attending a reception desk. Electronic check in supports the full process of patient check, which involves arriving a patient into the ICHIS PAS, reviewing and updating their demographic information, signposting and alerting clinical staff to patient arrival.

The Trust sought to implement self service check in to assist with the following Trust drivers:

  • Improving the patient experience
  • Releasing capacity at the front desk
  • Improving data quality
  • Achieving efficiency savings across the Trust

The timescales for the project would also involve deployment prior to the implementation of the new Cerner Millennium PAS at the Trust.

Proof of Concept

The Trust were presented with the opportunity to deploy a self-service system on a 'Proof of Concept' basis by Jayex Technology, who completed a full site survey of in scope departments and supported the deployment of 4 check in kiosks at the MOPD at Charing Cross Hospital. Jayex were invited to complete this project due to their unique offer to prove the business benefits of self-service prior to committing to a longer term investment and their relationship with the PAS supplier Cerner ensuring a robust, seamless and real time bi-directional fully integrated approach (Cerner selected Jayex as their preferred Self-Service partner).

As part of the Proof of Concept phase, the following solutions and functionality has been deployed:

  • Patient check in
  • Demographic review and update
  • Advanced patient tracking
  • Reporting Module
  • Patient Calling

Critical success factors

The agreed critical success factors for the Proof of Concept included:

  • Patient self-arrival rate more than 60% - this measured the proportion of patients who used the kiosks to register their arrival in the clinic.
  • Patient demographic update rate of more than 30% - this measured what proportion of patients who used the kiosks also updated their demographics.
  • Doctors calling 50% - 80% patients electronically via the screens/audio system
  • Timely arrival feeds into the ICHIS PAS system

Data to monitor the achievement of these metrics was collated and circulated on a daily basis.

The PoC has exceeded expectations and stats below show performance against metrics

Patient self-arrival rate more than 60% - this target has been exceeded with an average adoption rate of 70-80% with some days seeing adoption at 95-100%.

Patient demographic update rate of more than 30% - this target has also been exceeded with an average demographic update rate of 70%.

Doctors calling 50% - 80% patients electronically via the screens/audio system - this target has also been exceeded with an average of 60-70% of patients being called using the calling screens.

Timely arrival feeds into the ICHIS PAS system – Throughout the Proof of Concept stage, the feedback into ICHIS has been in real time.


The Jayex solution has exceeded the targets set as critical success factors throughout the Proof of Concept phase.

Aspects of the project that are worthy of particular note are the obvious reduction in queues into the department and the clear impact this is having on both the patient experience and pressure on frontline staff. The overwhelming response from patients updating their demographic information at the kiosks will have a significant impact on improved patient data and therefore support reduced DNAs. Significantly, the increased number of email addresses and mobile numbers collected will support electronic communications with patients, which could inform processes for patient correspondence in the longer term.

The patient check in workflow involves the review of several patient demographic fields. Due to payment implications, patient and GP address are mandatory by default. Additional fields which were selected as mandatory by the Trust included ethnicity and home telephone number. The ease with which patients can use the system is evident by the increased amount of non-mandatory demographic information that patients are volunteering at the kiosks. Even with patients taking time to provide extensive information at the kiosks, average check in times are significantly low at an average of 55-60secs.

As the critical success factors for the Proof of Concept phase have now emphatically been exceeded, the Trust then approved roll out to other in scope departments.

Feedback from staff:


Patient Check in

'The system is so easy to use and has really helped to relieve the stress on the Reception Team. This is a very busy department and we usually have longs queues which can lead to a lot of stress for both patients and staff. The queues have reduced significantly already which has had a huge impact on both the staff and patient experience'. Dawn Ettienne, Administrative Supervisor

'Self-service is vital to improving the quality of the information we hold about patients. Queues are already down to a minimum in our busiest clinics and reception staff can now concentrate on helping patients who need more attention. Taking the pressure away from frontline staff is helping to enrich their job'. Howard Lewis – Self Service Project Manager

Patient Calling

"Patient Calling works wonderfully. It's very clear, audible and visible. It saves time and it's easy to track a patient's whereabouts" Susan Bishun, Outpatient Care Assistant

"I find Patient Calling a very useful and efficient tool. The nurse team also see it as a positive step forward for the department and its user friendly. One of the main benefits is that the patients names are read out clearly and pronounced correctly" Sister Perlita Steele

"Patient calling is useful and easy to use. It has made part of my job my easier and I have had positive feedback from my patients. It saves time and I would definitely recommend it to colleagues in other departments" Lina Slusniene, Outpatients Sister

Frimley Park Hospital


Jayex Project Managers undertook the project to implement 12 kiosks in various departments of this busy hospital. Integration with the Trust's PAS was expertly executed by our specialist software team.

Here are some of the user comments we were delighted to hear:

"Staff and patients alike were happy with the usage of Enlighten and kiosks and this has had an impact by reducing the queues." Feedback from a Consultant.

"Very good system". Feedback from staff "queues were coming out of the entrance (Entrance B door), they have come right down".

A receptionist from Main OP, "could not see how the kiosks could work, however she was pleasantly surprised".

One patient said "that was easy, not as difficult as I thought".

The Jayex team remain on hand for continued advice and support.

Frimley Park Hospital is a leading NHS foundation trust hospital serving more than 400,000 people across north-east Hampshire, west Surrey and east Berkshire, although its catchment for some services such as emergency vascular and heart attacks is much wider.

Frimley Park Hospital was named "Hospital of the Year" runner up in the Dr. Foster Hospital Guide.


Riverside Medical Centre


A site in Wakefield where Jayex have installed 3 media screens and 1 touch screen to interface with the Systmone arrival and call module.

Cath Wilson, Practice Manager quotes :

"I have been extremely happy with the quality and speed of service provided by Jayex. I contacted Tim Kent (Senior Account Manager) to discuss the surgery requirements - call boards in the waiting areas. Tim went through my requirements, discussed what I needed and came up with an extremely affordable solution. Installation took place about a week later and the new callboards are working perfectly.

I have been very impressed with their attention to detail and the follow up calls I received to ensure satisfaction. Would certainly recommend anyone using Jayex" - Riverside Medical Centre, Savile Road, Castleford, WF10 1PH



Tim Kent is Jayex Account Manager for NW England and has many years of experience in helping surgeries implement the latest technology. He can advise on all Jayex solutions including Patient Call, Self Check-In, e-Surveys and Media Screens. He can be contacted via  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Chapeltown Family Surgery - Web Media System


"As a growing practice and forward thinking one, we looked into ways of assisting the frontline staff, also reducing patients waiting to book in. Jayex was the one we decided to use and all I can say is wow!

The Web Media was the one we went for, we purchased two screens and a self arrival touch screen this enables patients who have a pre-booked appointment to book themselves in, this reduces standing in a queue, it also allows me to put messages on, like reminding patients to update their details, DNAs, also if a patient is seeing the practice nurse it reminds them to request a flu jab. In only a few days the reception staff have noticed a big difference in the length of queues, also patients are less irritated.

The web media is far better then I imagined, this allows us to call patients out loud and direct them to the correct room (clinicians do not need to leave their desks!!) the web media allows us to customise what is being shown, You can schedule different NHS adverts for specific clinics, ice: baby clinic has baby related adverts such as flu nasal spray, second hand smoking, etc. It also allows us to put power point presentations on to the screens. You can change, update as often as needed with simple steps, even our doctors are having fun with it!

This has now become a talking point in the waiting room. The installation was quick and at a time appropriate to us, the service was timely and Tim took his time with us to ensure we understood everything. He also stressed that there is help at the end of a phone call, or email, and that he would come out again if needed. I would highly recommend this system and also the company" 

Bev Knight, Practice Manager, Chapeltown Family Surgery, Leeds.


Download brochure  501-Webmedia-M4.pdf


Tideswell Surgery - Patient Call with Media system


Jayex installs Self Check-in and Patient Call Display System with full digital media at the Tideswell Surgery in Buxton, Derbyshire.

Practice Manager - Jayne Wharton writes :

" We purchased the Jayex system after many years of listening to a poor PA System with many complaints from the Patients. We were helped with the funding from Tideswell Medical Foundation to purchase the Jayex Solution. Since the system has been introduced we have had patients praising the revolutionary idea, and being able to see and hear them being called by the doctor.

We are able to advertise our local clinics and sessions, sharing up to date health promotion information. There are also cartoon videos for the children and excellent educational videos for the adults.

The touch screen for patients to sign in has relieved the pressure for the reception staff. Patients have been more than willing to use this and are totally happy with our new arrangements. This has made the doctors more aware of the time patients are kept waiting, resulting in them seeing patients more effectively and saving reception staff time.

The help from the Jayex team was first class and supported us through the transition."



Consult Jayex Senior Primary Care Account Manager - Ian Welford - for your surgery check-in, patient call, e-surveys and digital signage system requirements.

Download brochure  501-Webmedia-M4.pdf


Lee on the Solent Health Centre


The Health Centre (Dr Bassett & Partners) has become one of the first practices in the UK to deploy the Enlighten E4 patient self arrivals platform to interact with their InPS Vision AEROS appointment system. Designed for the changing demands of the modern health centre and their move to a centralised data solution, Enlighten E4 enhances the patient self check-in experience. It also provides the practice with the opportunity to capture additional contact information, ask the patient survey and experience questions and confirm the patient's postcode is still accurate, all of which is 100% within the control of the practice.

The Health Centre is located within the Lee-on-the-Solent region in Hampshire and works hard to promote additional clinics and services in the community which can assist patients with health-related issues including; podiatry, speech therapy, community nurses, counselling, smoking cessation and much more.

Ray Ewen, Practice Manager at The Health Centre, explains, "With our upgrade to Vision AEROS we had the opportunity to pilot the Jayex Enlighten E4 enhanced self arrival software, which provides tighter integration to practice appointments along with the functionality to display messages on the
touch screen check-in for our patients as they check in, which will further enable the centre to promote various services to visiting patients. The ability to capture patient contact details will help us keep our records up to date and we can remind patients to let us know if they change address, phone or email. We are looking forward to adding the questionnaire module to better target services and understand how our patients perceive their experience of the practice and staff.

The Health Centre have been using earlier versions of Jayex self arrivals, patient call and digital display solutions for some time. "Following these successful implementations and the continued support we received from Jayex, it seemed sensible to get involved with the latest solutions and stay with a product name that we already know and trust." said Ewen.

Enlighten E4 Touch is part of an ITK 2.0 accredited solution suite, including E4 Call, E4 Surveys and E4 Portal applications.

More detail can be found at

Ewen concludes, "Perfectly situated before the reception area, the self arrivals touch screen helps to free up reception whilst Jayex's solutions and high quality service deliver efficiencies to The Health Centre, streamline processes and modernise operations for our staff and our patients."

 Visit Lee on the Solent Health Centre website 

Download brochure Enlighten E4

Download brochure  501-Webmedia-M4.pdf


Hospital - Video wall system


The Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth is one of the largest independent charity hospitals in the UK.

The customer desired a large screen in the main reception to display hospital information and videos.

A  video wall comprising 9 x 46 inch seamless LCD screens with web media M4 control system was expertly installed by Jayex engineers. 


Download brochure  501-Webmedia-M4.pdf


e-Surveys - United Lincolnshire


United Lincolnshire NHS Trust (ULHT) selected Jayex Interactive survey and patient information management kiosks to provide real-time feedback from its patients. United Lincolnshire NHS Trust aims to utilise patient feedback to improve service delivery, review patient wait-times and plan for service redesign where necessary. The survey and patient information management touch screen solution allows patients to immediately feedback on their visit at the Trust whilst awaiting discharge.

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust invests each year in improving clinical services by replacing and upgrading medical equipment, modernising its estate and facilities and improving the information and technology infrastructure. In an average year, ULHT treats more than 180,000 accident and emergency patients, nearly half a million outpatients and almost 100,000 inpatients. As part of ULHT’s bid to modernise its facilities and enhance service wholly centred on the visiting patients, UHLT realised the best way to deliver this objective was through direct patient feedback.

Dr. Michael Oko, head of department for ENT surgery, general surgery and sleep service at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, comments on the importance of receiving patient feedback, “With the NHS undergoing significant reform, healthcare organisations are required to deliver efficiency savings whilst simultaneously improving the services delivered by clinicians to the patient. In addition, the introduction of medical revalidation demands that healthcare organisations, clinicians and GPs holding registration with a licence to practise will have to demonstrate to the General Medical Council (GMC) that they are fit to practise and complying with the relevant professional standards. An essential part of the revalidation process is measuring patient feedback and healthcare organisations must deploy the tools that will enable them to gather feedback and measure performance in advance of revalidation.”

Dr. Oko, explains, “Without the evidence to illustrate the level of service currently being provided to patients, healthcare organisations and GPs will have an impossible task of reviewing performance and improving areas of service – if and where necessary. Jayex’s  Interactive surveys solution offers healthcare organisations instant access to patient views and will greatly support healthcare professionals in the run-up to revalidation.”

"There are a number of ways in which patient feedback can be consumed, however, many of these methods demand time and resource, such as written questionnaires requiring manual entry of answers into a system and data analysis. Alternatively a web-based survey relies on the patient to log-on at home which would naturally reduce the number of respondents. The Jayex Interactive survey and information management kiosk alleviates these issues and provides the patient with a simple and quick way to give their feedback and delivers clear statistical information to managers and clinicians on their performance, the service the patients received and the surrounding environment.” said Dr. Oko.

Dr. Oko adds, “Healthcare is a service industry, but it doesn’t seem to behave like one. If you’ve got no evidence that you are delivering a good service to your patients, then it is impossible to review and improve upon. The patient survey and information management kiosk provides the Trust with instant access to patient views and offers a great platform to enhance our service for patients in the region.”

Dr. Oko continues, “We look forward to continuing to work with Jayex in the future to improve patient flow and deliver efficiencies through the use of intuitive self check-in systems and patient call displays. These solutions will essentially remove the need for nurses to collect patients from the waiting room and allow hearing-impaired patients to self check-in and receive a visual call when it is their turn for treatment.”

Dr. Oko, concludes, “Every Trust and clinician is under great pressure to perform in a challenging financial climate. In order to provide high-quality care you ultimately need to be thinking about your patients, what they want and how you can improve it. Unless you have an efficient method to monitor and measure the patient’s experience, the coming years will be considerably tough.”

Watch video:  Surveys-case study


Manor Way Health Centre

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patien-call-display-lcd- number
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patien-call-display-lcd- number

Manor Way Health Centre (Dr Bassett & Partners) selected a multimedia digital display system from the healthcare display technology specialist, Jayex Technology to visually educate and communicate to waiting patients. The health centre will be able to digitally display informative health messages through video, web content, internet TV, graphics and RSS news feeds; all which is 100% within the control of the practice.

Manor Way Health Centre is located within the Lee-on-the-Solent region in Hampshire and works hard to promote additional clinics and services in the community which can assist patients with health-related issues including; podiatry, speech therapy, community nurses, counselling, smoking cessation and much more. Ray Ewen, Practice Manager at Manor Way Health Centre, explains, “The Jayex multimedia digital display solution provides us with the functionality to create and display our own messages on screen, which will enable the centre to promote and raise awareness of various services to visiting patients. The visual displays are easily configurable enabling us to arrange information that is appropriate to the practice and in accordance with seasonal health topics.”

Ewen continues, “We previously had static notice boards in place which were quite often ignored by patients. The multimedia digital display technology is far more eye-catching and visually appealing to look at and will hopefully not only increase awareness of community services and clinics available, but also educate patients on current health issues. By capturing more patients in the time between arrival and treatment we hope that the multimedia displays will help educate patients through outlining the preventative measures that can be taken in relation to various seasonal illnesses.”

Manor Way Health Centre initially engaged with Jayex to install the touch screen self check-in and call forward systems. “Following these successful implementations and the continued support we received from Jayex, it seemed sensible to expand our requirements and stay with a product name that we already know and trust.” said Ewen.

The multimedia digital display system is supplied with a free and unlimited download subscription to Med-Extranet; Jayex’s online healthcare media library which is packed with posters and videos supplied by the NHS and Government agencies. Ewen adds, “I’m a big fan of technology and utilising it to its maximum ability. Jayex Med-Extranet service is fantastic and provides the Practice with easy access to informative healthcare videos and electronic posters, which will ultimately improve the health awareness of our patients. We look forward to working with Jayex in the future to upgrade the system with functionality that will allow us to automatically time specific healthcare messages to be displayed at the same points every year.”

Ewen concludes, “Perfectly situated within the reception area, the multimedia digital display replaces outdated paper-based leaflets and pin boards with visual information. The health messages being shown entertain waiting patients whilst keeping them up to date and informed with current health topics. Jayex’s solutions and high quality service deliver efficiencies to Manor Way Health Centre, streamline processes and modernise operations for our staff and our patients.”

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust



Customer Requirements:

Health promotion and information screens to display NHS content, urgent messages, display hospital announcements, inform visitors of car park information, available facilities etc.

10 x 32” and 40” LCD screens

10 x Digital Signage Media Players to be controlled centrally from any networked PC.

Types of Content: Video, PowerPoint, Images, Scrolling/Static Text, Flash, Time & Date, RSS, Newsfeeds etc

Essential Requirements:

* For local users to update their own personal messages on their LCD screen and have a main header e.g. Bloods Clinic. Local users to see a simple interface without access to other areas/content of the screen.

* Main branding and content to be controlled centrally by admin user.

* Scheduling facility – turn screens off/on at set times of day. Change layouts automatically. Display time valid content within zones.

*  Branding design with company colours and logos.


Jayex proposal included a variety of 32” and 40” Samsung LCD screens, with HDMi output for best resolution and picture quality.

10 Media Players.

The Publisher and Subscriber relationship:

Publisher - This media player acts as the main unit which publishes all the content, layout, design and schedule to all screens. The unit has an admin user who will upload content to zones within a layout, edit the playlist for each zone etc. Once a layout is complete with content the admin user will publish the layouts and schedule to a number of Subscriber units.

Subscriber – This media player polls content, layouts, design and schedules from the Publisher. The polling interval can be set from every few minutes, once a day or a particular day in the week. Therefore, if new information has been uploaded onto the Publisher box and published to the subscribers this will automatically be polled by the subscriber at its set poll time and display this new information on its screen. This solution allows for centrally controlled content going to all screens, or setting individual layouts for each screen with areas within the screen for local users to change messages, newsfeeds etc.

Web-Media units sit on the hospital WAN/LAN, with a static IP address allocated to each media player, these IP addresses were designated to the solution by the hospital IT Department.

Case Study: Bedford Hospital Account Manager: Naima Iqbal December 2008

Key Stages:

1. Tender won

2. Bedford Hospital Estates and IT team carried out power and data work for each LCD location.

3. Solution was installed 2 days out of hours (weekend)

4. Commissioning and Training carried out by Jayex Trainer

Additional Information

As part of the solution, Jayex provide first hand software support, further training on software for new users, software updates, and regular checks on equipment and also a 3 years maintenance cover onthe LCD screens.

To ensure that our equipment was suitable for the hospital network and locations, a site survey was carried out, where the installer, IT managers, project officer and Account Manager were present.

The project was managed using Prince Methodology, to meet standards of the hospital, meet deadlines and budget.

Bedford NHS Trust has had positive and excellent feedback from visitors, patients, staff and members of the board. Further locations are now being identified where further screens will be required.


QVH - Patient Self Service


The Customer

Queen Victoria Hospitals (QVH) NHS Foundation Trust is a leading specialist centre for reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation, helping people who have been damaged or disfigured through accidents or disease. QVH has a proud heritage and is known throughout the world for pioneering new and innovative techniques and treatments. Patients rate the Trust as one of the top hospitals in the country for quality of care, and it has been rated 'excellent' for  financial management for the past five years.

The Challenge

The Trust recently went through a significant phase of development which included combining three of its outpatient departments into one new building. The layout of the new facilities required changing the way patients flowed through the clinics and this had to be achieved without significantly increasing resources.

Patient Self-Service was identified as a key initiative to help with the Trust’s strategic goals:

1. Deliver the highest standards of patient care and safety

2. Streamline care pathways for the benefit of patients

3. Improve Patient Experience

4. Drive efficiency and operational savings through innovation


The Solution:

• Enlighten self-service platform

• Jayex IBM kiosks

• Jayex web media

• Jayex services



• Shorter check in times and staff capacity released to better assist patients

• Improvement of clinic flows, efficiency reducing clinic waiting times and facilitating smart deployment of Clinical and Admin staff

• Improved accuracy of demographic data

• Improved Patient information, before appt, during waiting time and after attendance


The Solution:

Enlighten is the next generationend to end multi-channel (Kiosk, Web and Mobile) patient engagement platform. The platform comprises of a number of modules such as the pre-registration portal, check-in, calling, patient processing, checkout, wayfinding etc

The first phase of the deployment consisted of kiosk based patient check-in, flow management, media manager and patient calling modules.

• Patients can now Self check in and follow instructions to waiting areas – watch information films and specific clinic information – see and hear when they have been called for their appointment.

• Staff say that being able to view clinics remotely, via Enlighten, has greatly reduced the number of calls to reception to pass messages and chase patient locations for transport collections.

• Clinic flow can be closely monitored and it is so simple to see the location of patient in a busy clinic.

• Patients have easily taken to the new way of working and the ease of adoption has exceeded Trust expectations. There has been a significant improvement in patient experience as a direct result of this initiative. Plans are now afoot to expand the use of this relevant technology to enable the Trust to interact with patients when and where they choose.

Trust are already looking ahead to the next phase of the deployment which would consist of enhanced functionality and additional modules such as Departmental survey - enhanced demographic questions -Pre registering and completion of New patient medical information form –- virtual appointments cards etc


The Solution Benefits:

Patient Empowerment: Improved connection with patients- feeling involved, informed and important before during and after the outpatient clinic.

Operational Savings: Release of Reception staff time to better support patients.

Clinic Management: Improved communication within busy departments and across a large site.


Reporting: Valuable audit and reporting tool

“This system has allowed us to completely redesign the patient flow through our clinics” says Jane Morris, Directorate Manager at QVH. “Enlighten has provided more than just a check in system. It allows patients to be called from a central waiting area to our sub waits making more effective use of all staff’s time within the department. Patients are able to see messages via the media screen and we are able to use this to relay important information including delays to clinics. This system further enhances our patients overall experience which is very important to us. ” QVH is now working with Jayex to using the system to support further redesign within the department


“With Jayex, the introduction of the system has been extremely smooth. Their team have been very supportive through each stage of the project rollout making its introduction to the Trust very easy. They have incorporated our suggestions and developed their system to meet our needs. ”- Jane Morris, QVH


Why Jayex

Jayex are leading the transformation of the healthcare landscape, helping the NHS rethink and re-engineer the way they interact with patients. Today, Jayex is the number one provider of healthcare self-service solutions, with 6500 NHS customers.

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