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                                                                                                   Team photo circa 1997

The company was founded in June 1978 as an international trading company. During 1985 it pioneered the introduction of LED displays in the UK and soon establishing itself as the leading importer in the market.

21-Wadsworth-Road-PerivaleIn 1989 Jayex supported the setup of 2 design and manufacturing units in the UK so as to be able to supply increasingly complex LED based display systems.

In 1997, Jayex sold the first LED based full colour video screen in a stadium in Europe (Reebok Stadium, Bolton Wanderers Football Club).

In-house product development led to the introduction of the now iconic D300 Patient Call Display in 1997. This product became market leader with over 4000 clinics and surgeries using the system. Further in-house  development achieved the touch screen based Self Check-In system in 2005 which is now in use in over 2000 sites. In tandem with this Jayex developed LCD based digital signage systems which are now in use in over 500 sites.

During 2005-6 the business was re-structured into a group holding company named Jayex Group Limited with a subsidiary named Jayex Technology Limited. Dedicated divisions for Primary Care, Acute Care and General Markets were created.

In 2012 the team and business of Hibrow Computing Limited was acquired to give the company world leading HL7 integration capabilities.

Customer count has exceeded 23,000 sites in 2013. The company's brand, people, technology and market reputation are its great assets. It has delivered a profit in each of its 35 years of trading and looks forward to building further on this achievement in the coming years.

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